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Using blog commenting for SEO is wise, because it helps to diversify the pool of one way backlinks. The market of blog commenting for SEO grows tremendously.

Can everybody in this industry fully fit to the quality that it should give to their clients?

The answer is both Yes and No.

Yes, because usually you get what you pay for. If the price is very low, much lower than average - this is strange. Then how are these big packages with bigger prices sold? If this is so cheap, I am the first to notice that I can buy it 20% of the average price?

For a cheap price you usually get automated blog comment submission to a number of blogs.

This is a check list of things that are bad for SEO in cheap blog commenting package:

(1) Lots of no-follows.

There is much rumors in SEO community if no-follow backlink have any real value for SEO (because Google official say - they don't have any value for SEO) or maybe they have?

But in any case, it is always better to work with blogs that are do-follow. This is 100% officially proven to have some SEO value.

(2) Low approval rate.

You buy a submission to let's say 10,000 niche blogs. And then you see that only 500 blogs did publish your comments.

Definitely 500 is better than zero, but you wanted more!

So, a typical problem of huge comment lists is that actually in that millions of blogs' lists (and there are lists like that) - you might get only 10% of the "promised" backlinks. And most of the what is left in that 10% share that you get is also packed with no-follows.

The fight for real do-follow blogs that DO publish the comments is fierce - but the nice average level is 50,000 blogs lists, up to 100,000 blogs lists. All numbers above are likely to be packed with no-follows and slow comment approval.

Also ask how many verified backlinks will you have on your list. This means "how many backlinks will I get on the plate in the report when the job is done - so that I could see where my backlinks really are..."

Detailed reporting is a sign of a high quality of the service, because they show you how nice they did their job.

If anyone promises you the so-called "verified backlinks" this means that they should show at the end of the submission a detailed report with URL to URL information - everything is 100% transparent.

(3) No pinging.

Isn't it great to get a blog page (where your comment with your backlink) got pinged by around 30 pinging services. Your comment is freshly published, then a notification about this page is sent to 30+ more global pinging services. Among them official blog pinging list from giants like Google and Yahoo and others.

But pinging is a tricky job and requires resources. That is why be prepared that in a cheap package you will not get pinging.

If you see that pinging after comment publication is available in the package - make sure to ask if they give you any reports on that as well.

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