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DMOZ or Open Directory Project (ODP) is an open content multilingual web directory for websites links. Webmasters know well how useful it can be for their website if it gets listed in DMOZ. That's why it has become one of the most favorite online submission web directories for most webmasters. DMOZ has been working out there for over 12 years, but it was until recently when a great boost was observed in its popularity. GnuHoo was the name that was given to DMOZ when it first emerged in 1998. Then after getting acquired by Netscape, it took its new name. The idea behind the submission was the same as it was twelve years back when it was created.

Basically, DMOZ was created to allow the website owners to find a way for quick higher ranking of their websites. Different companies and SEO experts are looking for some really smart techniques to get some website listed in DMOZ web directory as it is considered a certain way to get higher page rank in Google. Considering this factor, now almost all SEO service providers are offering DMOZ submission service in their ever increasing list of SEO services.

It's true that submission to this directory can help you get higher ranking, but you really have to go through fire and water to get your web site listed in it. Especially, if you are a newbie and just recently have launched your website, things may appear quite perplexing and you may not be able to fully understand the guidelines and criteria of submission in it. However, if you select a reliable SEO company for DMOZ Submission service, you can succeed to get your website listed in it. But still the thing which can be quite perplexing for you is to find the right service for your website submission.

You must also keep this fact in mind that there are many service providers that just selling tall claims instead of rendering reliable services. You need to find out what they are offering in their submission package and how they would do it for your website. The thing which can avoid you from their trap is to ask them for references of their previous work and do some research about their services before hiring them.

Things have greatly evolved on the internet, but there are certain things which have the same impact as they had in the past and this kind of submission has no exception in this connection and it's as useful for higher page ranks as it was in the past, but now things have changed a lot and their criteria for submission is getting tougher and tougher as more and more online marketers are looking towards this source for the better page rank of their websites and they know this fact very well. Considering this trend, DMOZ has realized that they need to maintain the higher standard to stay upbeat in this age of brutal online competition.

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