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Every day more and more webmasters and online marketers are appreciating the benefits of using video as a marketing tool to bring traffic to their websites to increase the sales of their products or services. Once you see the increase in traffic after submitting your videos to free video sharing sites such as YouTube and Google Video then you will be inclined to produce and submit more videos to more sharing sites.

Ultimately it will become time consuming and tedious to submit your videos to many sites to ensure that they are widely viewed. This is when the benefits of video submission services are appreciated for the ease of submission and the time saved which can be put to better use producing more videos and content to your websites.

There is a good selection of such services available now offering different levels of benefits and different price structures. A service such as that at TubeMogul will submit your videos to up to 13 sites for no cost and will also provide good analysis and charting functions to show you how your videos are being viewed.

For a more comprehensive service then take a look at Video Upload Pro and Upload Video Pro, similar names but different services. Both can be purchased for less than $100 and upload videos to up to 21 video sharing sites. All though similarly priced UploadvVideovPro does have more to offer and comes with a longer guarantee period of 60 days.

For a more comprehensive service take a look at Video Post Robot which will submit your videos to up to almost 30 sites, at the time of writing, as well as 14 social sites as well. The service comes with several other benefits, including 3 hours of video tuition, a 7 day trial for only $1 and monthly payments of $19.97 for twelve months after which there are no more payment to be paid but you still receive the same level of service.

At the top level of service is Traffic Geyser which offers far more benefits than the other services. Not only will they make your video for you, from photos that you supply or from their own royalty free collection, they will also create audios for you from telephone calls that you make to a given number in their office. If you subscribe to the Gold service at $97 per month you receive 3500 credits to use where 1 credit allows you to submit 1 video to 1 site. If you are a busy producer of videos then you will be able to submit 100 videos to all the 35 sites that Traffic Geyser currently supports.

You can see that there is a good selection of services currently available to suit your video production and your pocket. If you feel that you need a video submission service then take a look at the sites that I have mentioned and you should find one that will suit you and bring much more traffic to your website.

If on the other hand you have not yet started producing videos and submitting them to free video sharing then it's not too late to get started and you will soon realize and see the benefits of doing this.

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